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Asian Scalper

Asian Scalper is a fully automated forex robot. It is an advanced Asian session scalper which supports 9 currency pairs. The robot is equiped with all need systems for secure trading on forex exchange market.

Smart Impulse Trader

Best Impulse Trader! Supports 6 currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURAUD, USDJPY, USDCHF and EURJPY

Trade Master

Best forex robot for manual trading and scheduled closing of trades!


In our web site you can find forex robots of different types for trading in the most popular market Forex Exchange Market. We offer a variety of forex robots for automated and manual trading. We have also developed other usful expert advisors which may help you for trading in the forex.


We are a small team of developers who specialize only in developing automated forex trading programs called forex robots (expert advisors). We have many years of experience in the development and support of forex robots. We strive to develop forex robots that are really useful for forex traders. Our forex robots make life easier for traders.

Find Working Strategy

We are always trying to find a working trading strategy that we can program in an easy-to-use forex robot.

Develop Forex Robots

Using the best programming techniques we develop and make any trading strategy an automated forex robot.

Support Forex Robots

We offer life-time support to all our forex robots. In case of problems, we find immediate solutions.


Below you can find some of our forex robots which we have developed.

Asian Scalper

Forex Robot which trades only during the Asian session.

  • 9 supported currency pairs
  • Asian Scalper
  • M15 time frame

Smart Impulse Trader

Forex Robot which catches the impulse and open two trades.

  • 6 supported currency pairs
  • Impulse Traded
  • M15 time frame

Trade Master

Forex Robot for manual trading and scheduled closing of trades.

  • All currency pairs
  • All time frames
  • Automated trade closing

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